Snack Attack# 29

Snack: Peeps Jelly Beans

The Peeps continue. Last Snack Attack we had Froot Loops flavored Peeps which we liked. Now we have Peeps jelly beans. I’m a fan of both Peeps and jelly beans so this was an easy sell for me.


These were great jelly beans but there was not too much about them that made me think of Peeps. The only flavor that was reminiscent of Peeps was the white ones which were marshmallow flavored. If you take the Peeps name off of these I would say they are great jelly beans. They are sweet, smooth and delicious, but when you attach a name I love to it like Peeps, I expected a little more.

If you like jelly beans then this is one snack to check out. If you are expecting Peeps it will leave you wanting more but it’s good for what it is. Be sure to check out our other Snack Attacks and then head over to our Instagram.

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