Snack Attack # 52

Snack: Starburst Swirlers My weakness is any kinda chewy candy. I love Starburst and always have since I was a kid. As a kid I used to smash different flavors together and eat them. Now as an adult they did that for me. Starburst Swirlers are individually wrapped much like the original starburst. All this... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack # 51

Snack: Starburst Gummies Starburst gummies are the gummies I always wanted but didn’t know I needed until now. These gummies are the perfect texture for a gummy candy. They are soft and chewy and not at all sticky. If there is one thing I hate when I eat gummies, it's the feeling I’m going to... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #50

Snack: Peeps Tropical Burst Easter may be over but it is still Peep season in the Foodie Rooney household. Today we have possibly my new favorite flavor of Peeps, Tropical Burst. I love any kind of tropical fruit candy which made this one even more exciting for me. It actually didn't taste anything like I... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack # 49

Snack: Peeps Gummies The season of peeps continues. Peeps gummies were another new peep we discovered this year.  Peeps gummies don’t taste like your typical gummy but they also don’t really taste like peeps. They are their own thing. They taste like a sugary artificial marshmallow. Does that sound good? I know it doesn't but... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack # 48

Snack: Peeps Sparkly Wild Berry It's Peeps season! This year I found two new varieties of Peeps and the first one I tried was the Wild Berry flavor. I am a big fan of all things Peeps and this one lands in the middle of the pack. The texture of the Peep is there but... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #47

Snack: Froot Loops Jumbo Snacks Froot Loops Jumbo Snacks is exactly what it sounds like. It's just a bag of big Froot Loops. We have said it here before and I'll say it again, cereal is as much a snack as it is breakfast food. Somehow the cereal being slightly bigger just seems to make... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #45

Snack: Welch's Juicefuls I love any kind of fruit snacks. Name brand ones, cheap knock off ones, it doesn't matter. Fruit snacks are always delicious. Welch's Juicefuls are no different. They have an excellent texture that is not too hard or too chewy and then every time you bite into one you get a little... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack# 44

Snack: Jack Daniels Cola Well, not so much a snack, a drink, but here it's all the same here. Jack and Coke's were one of my go to cocktails in my youth. Whenever I was out at a bar, there was a real good chance you would see me with a Jack and Coke. Now... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #43

Snack: Oreo 110th Birthday Another Oreo special edition and yet another disappointment. This one is a Chocolate confetti cake flavored Oreo. I do this to myself. Every time Oreo puts out a flavor and every time we buy it. At best they have been okay and at worst, well we have this one. It looks... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #42

Snack: Smart Cookie Dough Chocolate Chip Disclaimer, This product was provided to us by Smart Cookie but the opinions below are our own. Smart Cookie also makes cookies not just cookie dough, for the record, we had those sent to us as well but to try to keep things more positive I will just say... Continue Reading →

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