Snack Attack #41

Snack: WaWa Chips Ahoy! Drinks I am a big fan of WaWa and have been for years. The drinks the food and the convenience are all top of its class. For a limited time added to there already large arsenal of delicious drinks are a variety of Chips Ahoy drinks. We decided to go with... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #40

Snack: Gummy Skittles My biggest sweet tooth weakness is gummy candies and fruit snacks. I love them all! Skittles is also up there for one of my favorite candies. I was shocked when I walked into a store and saw gummy Skittles sitting on the shelf. I knew this was a match made in heaven.... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #39

Snack: Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreo It seems that every week there is another Oreo flavor that hits the shelf. The newest one for us is Strawberry Frosted Donut. I always loved Strawberry Frosted doughnuts, especially with sprinkles! This Oreo may not have sprinkles but it does have glitter to takes its place. The glitter does... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #38

Snack: Hot Tamales Peeps The season of Peeps continues with Hot Tamales Peeps. Hot Tamales is definitely not a candy that comes to mind when I think about Peeps but surprisingly it really works. I was expecting a strong cinnamon smell when I first open the package but it was actually a very light smell.... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #37

Snack: Brookie-O Oreo The Oreo flavors do not stop and we will keep trying them all. Brookie-O was one I was looking forward to trying since it has everything I like. Brownie, cookie dough and Oreo cream, sign me up. Unfortunately my first taste was not what I was expecting. Typically I like to twist... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack# 36

Snack: Chocolate Pudding Peeps You can't go wrong with Peeps to me, right? Kinda. This one is borderline. If anything Peeps is borderline for me, then it is most likely not good to most people. Both the smell and the taste has a very artificial feel to it. It has a taste the resembles chocolate... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #35

Snack: Apple Pie Kit Kat As I have said before, Kit Kat's are one of my favorite candy bars. I'm not a fan of white chocolate which is the main component on this limited edition flavor. The white chocolate portion is a little on the mild side since it has flavoring mixed in to it... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #34

Snack: Brach's Caramel Apple Fall is on its way and that means the fall snacks are coming out. My go to was always Brach's pumpkins but this year I may have found a new favorite fall snack. Brach's caramel apples have the same texture as the pumpkins but a totally different flavor profile. When you... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack # 33

Snack: Milky Way Salted Caramel and Milky Way Fudge I'll start with the Milky Way Salted Caramel. Do you like Milky Ways? If yes then you will like this because I can not taste a difference between this one and a regular Milky Way. The only difference as far as I can see is the... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack # 32

Snack: Kit Kat Duos Dark Chocolate + MintKit Kats were always one of my favorite candy bars, so when I saw a new Kit Kat naturally I was excited. As soon as you open the package you immediately smell the mint.┬áThe look of the chocolate is not overly appealing. The top is a light green... Continue Reading →

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