Book Review: We Don’t Swim Here

Book: We Don’t Swim Here

Author: Vincent Tirado

Thank you NetGalley and Tantor Audio for an advanced audio copy

We Don’t Swim Here was a fast and chilling ride. I got intrigued early on by the story and the hook stayed in me and got me to the finish on this one very quickly.

The story follows Bronwyn who is forced to move to the town of Hillwoods because her grandmother is in hospice. Her cousin Anais lives in Hillwoods and immediately there seemed to be a problem between her and Bronwyn.

The town had a creepy feel to it and so did all of the people who live there. There were secretive rituals and of course, the notion that in the town of Hillwoods, “we don’t swim here”. The pools are all empty and no one is allowed in the lake. The mystery surrounding why no one swims was fascinating to me. I didn’t fully like where it went but it was a lot of fun to get there.

This is a supernatural thriller that will uncover so many secrets of not only the town but of the families of everyone in the town. This is one I definitely recommend.

Final Score 4/5

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