Book Review: Censorshipped

Book: Censorshipped

Author: Savannah Scott

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.

With every entry into the getting shipped series I seem to like every book more than the last. That trend was finally broken but I still loved Censorshipped.

If you have been here from the begging you know the town and the characters but this book works just fine as a stand-alone. In the last book, you get a little bit of the story from our main characters Duke and Shannon but everything will be explained fully in this book. With that being said I strongly recommend you start at the beginning. This series is great!

So I said I didn’t like this better than the last book which was Townshipped. While that is true it was close. Duke and Shannon are great characters and are very well-developed. I wanted nothing more than happiness for them.

Censorshipped was probably the funniest in the series so far. Shannon’s inability to text clearly and just all the interactions kept me laughing and smiling. Then the way it went to the epilogue I laughed out loud while listening.

The Getting Shipped series is my favorite small-town rom-com series. I strongly recommend starting at the beginning but if you wanted to jump right into Censorshipped you won’t be disappointed.

Final score 5/5

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