Book Review: All Inn Thyme

Book: All Inn Thyme

Author: Erin Branscom

Thank you so much Erin Branscom for the advanced copy and PR package!

We are taking a trip back to Freedom Valley!

This is the third book in the Freedom Valley series, but it can absolutely be read as a stand-alone. You will not feel lost if you read this book without the others. However, you should totally read the first two books because they are great!

This story is all about Mellie and how far she has come from her past and how much she has grown. She is doing what she loves most, being a mom, gardening, and helping out in the Golden Gable Inn. She is working towards her goal of opening a market where she can make a profit from her gardening.

Ty is in town on an assignment, which you learn more about. He meets Mellie and you just see how he would do anything for her and her son Kase.

They are adorable together and it was so great to see Mellie put her guard down and start to trust again. I also loved how Ty’s dog never leaves Kase’s side, it is so adorable!

Overall, I absolutely loved this book and all the characters in it. Freedom Valley has become one of my favorite small towns. Everyone looks out for one another, they will drop everything if someone needs help, and they treat you like family.

I am so excited for the next book in this series!

All Inn Thyme is out today!

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