Review: The Rom-Com Agenda

Book: The Rom-Com Agenda

Author: Jayne Denker

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape media for an advanced audio copy.

The Rom-Com Agenda is a great story that lets you see how a relationship starts and how it can build.

Eli had his heart broken. All of Eli’s friends and family are trying to get him through this hard time. In their small town, they keep running into Leah. Leah is going through a lot of her own stuff and not even thinking about her love life. Leah and Eli first become friends and then you watch that friendship blossom into more.

I really loved everything about this book. The characters are all well written and have a tremendous amount of development. Leah and Eli are on my shortlist of favorite rom-com couples.

The supporting cast of friends and families are the best. Not only are they an amazing support system to Leah and Eli but they are just great characters. They have so much depth to them and don’t take up that many pages. It’s truly great writing to have you learn so much about so many people without making it feel forced.

I really loved this book and recommend it to everyone.

Final score 5/5

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