Book Review: Ready Player One

Book: Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline

Being a gamer my whole life I understand what addiction to games can be like. Ready player one follows Wade Watts who like most of the world spends almost all of their waking hours in a video game called the Oasis. 

The creator of the Oasis James Holiday passes away and leaves behind a contest. The winner will get control of the Oasis. Years go by and no one finds any clues until Wade figures out the first clue and then that’s when everything will change forever,

Not only for Wade, but for everyone Wade is in contact with. 

The book is full of pop culture references that mostly hit the mark. It was a joy to read and listen to. This is a book that I actually read and then listened to the audiobook, that’s how much I enjoyed it. If you like games there is no reason you should not be reading this book.  

Score 5/5

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