Book Review: Vanishing Hour

Book: Vanishing Hour

Author: Laura Griffin

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.

Vanishing Hour has two things that I love; It has a great mystery and a lovable dog. Vanishing Hour follows Ava, Ava is a lawyer that also volunteers along with her dog Huck on search and rescue operations within her local national park. On a successful search and rescue, Ava and Huck stumble into an abandoned campsite that brings forward some clues on a missing person case from a couple of years prior. Ava brings evidence of this campsite to Grant who works for the sheriff’s department and then a lot of pieces start coming together.

Vanishing Hour was an extremely fun and fast ride. It was full of suspense, thrills, and love. Ava knows she is on to something and then when it seems someone is now targeting her, she knows she is on to something big. That is when the suspense is at its height. You really worry for Ava because she is such a well-developed and likable character. Grant starts off a lot less likable but once you get to know him you will start to love him and want him and Ava to be together.

Going through this story I was very worried for Ava, Grant, and especially Huck. I wanted all three to solve the mystery and live together happily ever after. I had difficulty putting this one down because I wanted to sprint to the finish. I loved every minute of it.

Final Score 5/5

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