The Apple Arcade List: Survival Z

In my quest to continue to review all Apple Arcade games we come to Survival Z. Survival Z is an action game on Apple Arcade.

Action games are a weak spot when it comes to Apple Arcade, especially shooters. Survival Z is a shooter but not really the kind of shooter I’m usually looking for. It looks like a twin stick shooter, which I love, but it’s not. It’s a one stick shooter. You just move and the game auto aims and shoots.

It’s also a tower defense game. Each level plays out in waves with two phases. A preparation phase and an action phase. In the preparation phase, you can see the possible routes that zombies will take to attack you. Use as many traps as you have to set up different choke points or obstacles to help you survive each wave.

Unfortunately, this hybrid game doesn’t exceed in either aspect. The shooting gets boring quickly since there is nothing to it. You are only moving and avoiding enemies and some projectiles. You never have to worry about doing much more. For the tower defense portion, traps are limited and generally pretty weak. Zombies can easily overrun and take down any of your turrets, I almost never get more than one to blow up in my bomb traps, and the items designed to draw attacks just don’t take enough damage. I actually played most rounds without ever using my traps.

Each run starts in a location of your choosing and then you branch off on a randomly generated path. You need to look ahead to try to follow the path you want. Do you want to save a survivor? Do you want to unlock new gear? Make sure you plan ahead because you can not do it all in one run.

After you pick your course your end is always the same. you try to get to the main level and then do the same thing you have been doing at every other level, just for a little longer and a little harder.


While Survivor Z ultimately fails as a hybrid tower defense shooter it has some hope since there are not any alternatives in the service. I love shooters and this is one of the very few choices that can scratch that itch on Apple Arcade. The shooting is bland, and the tower defense aspects are weak but if you’re looking to shoot some zombies in Apple Arcade Survival Z is your only choice.

Final score 5/10

The list

  1. What the Golf?
  2. Way of the Turtle
  3. The Pinball Wizard
  4. Lego Star Wars Battles
  5. Jetpack Joyride 2
  6. A Fold Apart
  7. Jetpack Joyride +
  8. Super Impossible Road
  9. Towago: Among Shadows
  10. Tint
  11. Survival Z
  12. Where Cards Fall
  13. Word Laces

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