Snack Attack #43

Snack: Oreo 110th Birthday

Another Oreo special edition and yet another disappointment. This one is a Chocolate confetti cake flavored Oreo. I do this to myself. Every time Oreo puts out a flavor and every time we buy it. At best they have been okay and at worst, well we have this one.

It looks similar to your standard Oreo but has some colors mixed into both the cookie and the cream, however, it was not enough to make it stand out as different. What does make it stand out as different from your standard Oreo is the taste and the smell. The smell is very artificial and the taste honestly taste like chemicals, it was not enjoyable at all. One day I need to learn my lesson and stay away from limited time Oreo’s.

If you haven’t heard we started to review books! Check out our review of 214 Palmer Street and The Lifeguards. For all your food needs be sure to head over to our Instagram.

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