Book Review: Dash and Lily Series

Back in November I found the Netflix series Dash & Lilly and really enjoyed it. Over the Christmas season I rewatched it since it was based during Christmas time and absolutely loved it even more than the first time.

So I dived into researching all about it and came across the book series. 

Of course, I needed to read all three books. 

I started my 2021 book challenge off with the series. I did like the similarities and some differences from the book to the Netflix series in Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares. 

Overall I loved continuing their story and reading the characters grow. I absolutely loved every character. 

I am keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the series can be brought to life on screen 

Dash and Lily -21 Laps Entertainment

While we are talking about on screen here are some of the differences I noticed;

  1. The note asks for his email address.
  2. No slam poetry, another book instead.
  3. Dash asked Lily to leave her a book at the strand with the notebook instead of at the pizzeria.
  4. Dash takes the notebook and leaves her the Godfather and note with 2 boots pizza flyer.
  5. Lily goes to 2 boots pizza and reads the note that is a poem when she realizes the pizza place is also a video store.
  6. Lily looks for the Godfather and finds Godfather part 3 with a note.
  7. Lily is asked to leave a non Christmas movie with Amanda at front desk.
  8. She leaves Miracle on 34th street with clues to Macys.
  9. Langston is already dating Benny
  10. Dash goes to Macys and has to find wool mittens with reindeers on them, where he then finds a note that leads to the bedding department, where he has to look under the pillow for another note.
  11. Dash then asked to visit Santa. He waits on line and when he gets to the front he meets the mad elf that tries to stop him from seeing Santa.
  12. He gets the attention of Santa and then sits on his lap. Santa tells him to rub his belly that has another envelope.
  13. Dash takes it and runs to a dressing room in the mens section where the envelope says to return the notebook with your best memory of Christmas.
  14. Dash tells the second Christmas story and returns it to where Lily asks on second floor in a “Lily” stocking.
  15. Before returning Dash goes and buys her a ticket to a 10am movie for Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer.
  16. Lily asks Langston and Benny to take her to movies, they say no.
  17. Benny sees Lily’s outfit and says she needs something, so they go to a dress up trunk in her room and find her aunt’s red boots.
  18. Lily’s aunt is called Great Aunt Ida
  19. In school Edgar opened the cage of Lily’s gerbil during show and tell and a girls cat ate it.
  20. Lily got up at 4am to make Dash cookies.
  21. Lily’s worst Christmas memory was the gerbil, not the bracelets she made. She got a nickname in school called Shrilly .
  22. Lily leaves a postcard with the cookies saying to go to Madam Tussauds.
  23. Dash went to see Collation with Boomer.
  24. Priya and Boomer don’t know eachother.
  25. Grandpa has a cat.
  26. Great Aunt Ida works at Madam Tussauds. 
  27. Lilys dad is the VP of her school and was going for schooling position in Fiji. She made a muppet in FAO Schwartz where she met Boomer.
  28. Boomer’s real name is John.
  29. Dash didn’t go to Dyker Heights until Christmas Day. He stayed at his moms house on Christmas morning and opened up the gifts his mom left for him.
  30. Lily’s parents didn’t come home for Christmas day. They were returning back on New Years Day.
  31. They would move to Fiji in September.
  32. Lily met Edgar at the dog park and they walked to Pyrias party but didn’t go in. Pyria’s parents were at the party.

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