Snack Attack #19

Snack: Peeps (any peeps, love them all)

Easter is over and the original season of Peeps is gone. Peeps used to just be Easter only but thankfully over the years they have been invading other holidays. Now every holiday can be a Peeps holiday!


The first ingredient listed for Peeps is sugar, not surprising. Sugar also the main ingredient in cotton candy, still not surprising. You put them together and make a cotton candy flavored Peep and it is just delicious heaven. This is cotton candy you can chew! The closest we got to that was that terrible Bubble Yum cotton candy gum.  My teeth hurt just thinking about it.


They even have Peeps that are filled now! What makes a Peep better? Fill it with more deliciousness.


Every holiday Peeps come out and there is a new flavor to explore. So far they all taste like what they are trying to be. Party Cake was an excellent birthday cake flavor. Blue Raspberry was good but this may be the weakest yet. It had just a little too much of that artificial flavor making it not as enjoyable as all the others.

My Peeps obsession will continue for years to come. Am I crazy? Probably but I just love some Peeps. Be sure to check out our Instagram by clicking HERE to stay on top of everything food related. Last words are Easter is over which means Peeps are discounted. STOCK UP!

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