Snack Attack #15

Snack: Lay’s Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper

Another wild flavor from Lay’s potato chips. Just like the ones described in Snack Attack #13, when you open the bag the smell hits you right away. However it doesn’t smell like bacon or jalapeno poppers. It actually smells like BBQ sauce. Now I was expecting this to taste like a BBQ potato chip but surprisingly when I bit into I immediately tasted bacon. I was anxiously waiting for the jalapeno popper flavor, sadly I’m still waiting. It had zero flavor that represented anything of a jalapeno popper, making this a disappointment for me.


Overall its not the worst chip you can have. If you like bacon flavored anything than this can be one for you but don’t expect any jalapeno flavor. To see what other snacks to try and everything else food related be sure to check out our Instagram HERE.

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