Snack Attack #4

Snack: Pina Colada Oreo, Kettle Corn Oreo & Cherry Cola Oreo


Oreo’s self-proclaimed milk’s favorite cookie and a nice double stuff Oreo sure is. Who doesn’t love to dunk a double stuff into a cold glass of milk and snack away? These three new Oreo’s that are out I could not imagine dunking into milk. Oreo loves to put out all different flavors and most of them, in my opinion, are a miss, but what about these?

Let’s start with the Pina Colada. This one is an Oreo thin so don’t expect too much cream. When you open the pack the smell of coconut may overwhelm you. It has a very strong and artificial coconut smell. With that smell, I was expecting the cookie to just be too much coconut. When I took a bite at first it tasted like a plain Oreo. After about five seconds the coconut flavor starts to come through. It wasn’t overpowering at all. It was a surprisingly pleasant balance between the cream and the coconut. The aftertaste lingered a bit but was never unpleasant. If you are a fan of coconut or pina coladas this new flavor may be worth your time and since it is a thin Oreo it makes snacking on them all the easier.


Next is the kettle corn. I don’t know what crazy person thought this up but they may need to get sent to the crazy house. The best I can say about this one is it is not as bad as I was expecting. There are pieces of popcorn in the cream so the texture you are used to in a normal Oreo is definitely different. When eating this, like the pina colada Oreo, it takes a few seconds for the popcorn taste to hit you. To me, it tastes as if someone took a normal piece of popcorn, soaked it in an artificial butter, then coated it in sugar and then sandwiched in with cookies. If that sounds appetizing to you then this cookie is for you but for me, this one is a miss.


Finally, we have the cherry cola Oreo. If kettle corn sounded weird to you then it only gets weirder now. I don’t even know how anyone can think to combine these two flavors. It doesn’t work but I still kept eating them. What made me like the cookie, was to simulate the carbonation of the cola there are pop rocks in the cream. The cherry is the same artificial cherry flavor that you taste in a cherry cola and the cookie is the same chocolate cookie of a normal Oreo. The two flavors have no business being together, with that you almost just keep eating out of curiosity. I can’t decide if this is a hit or a miss. My instinct tells me its a miss but the intrigue of it makes me want another one.


Have you tried them all yet? Which ones did you like and what your favorite is. What would you like Oreo to make next? Let us know in the comments. For more great snacks and everything food related be sure to check out our Instagram HERE.

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