I Knead More

Place: Knead Doughnuts

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Knead Doughnuts was a place we ventured into before this food blog was even a thought. We are a sucker for sweets and Knead drew us into Providence.

The line for Knead seems to always make it out the door. You better get there early too! Once they sell all the doughnuts, that’s it! They make a certain amount of each kind and it seems they always will sell out and close a little early. Watch their social media accounts to find out if you are too late and remember to look down at the floor as you walk in.


The first time we went to knead we got six different doughnuts and ate all of them in a very short time frame. Each one was delicious. The two standouts for me were the raspberry fritter (top right) and the Samoas (top left). The raspberry fritter had fresh raspberries! It tasted so fresh and perfect. Each bite was sweet and just a little tangy the way a raspberry should be. The Samoas doughnut was just like the girl scout cookie but in doughnut form. Amazing. The peanut butter and jelly (bottom right) was my wife’s favorite. It was stuffed with jelly and had peanuts sprinkled on top making each bite crunchy and perfect.


We were staying in Providence for the night, right around the block from Knead. All I could think about how amazing my breakfast was going to be. It was picture perfect as seen below. I went with a classic. The chocolate frosted with sprinkles. Its hard to screw this up but its even harder to make it stand out. Kneads take on the classic is super light and airy and the right amount of sweet. Making it the perfect pair with my coffee for the perfect breakfast. My wife’s breakfast brought the old fashion doughnut to a new level. She got the chocolate chip old fashion doughnut. I stole a bite of hers and it was delicious. It was the right amount of chocolate to go with the perfect old fashion doughnut.


You can find doughnuts everywhere but its hard to find the great ones. Knead Doughnuts will make you want doughnuts for breakfast every morning.

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