Project Brunch X2

Place: Project Brunch Location: Staten Island, New York (Forest ave location) In 2016 Project Brunch exploded into everyone's social media with their creative and delicious take on our favorite meal, brunch. It quickly became our go to place and somewhere we frequent more than any other restaurant. Their success was tremendous and it was only... Continue Reading →

Best Burger I Ever Had

Place: Boston Burger Company Location: Somerville, Massachuttes If you have a hard time making decisions, Boston Burger Company will drive you crazy. Burger and fries are a classic combo and here they take that to an entirely different level. Two things to do if you know you are coming here. First, read the menu early. Everything sounds... Continue Reading →

Quickfire #1 L&B Spumoni Gardens

Place: L&B Spumoni Gardens Location: Brooklyn, New York Every New Yorker has a way to finish this sentence, you are not a true New Yorker until, "insert something here." For me, you are not a true New Yorker until you have eaten at L&B. I have a problem when I go to L&B. When I'm done... Continue Reading →

I Knead More

Place: Knead Doughnuts Location: Providence, Rhode Island Knead Doughnuts was a place we ventured into before this food blog was even a thought. We are a sucker for sweets and Knead drew us into Providence. The line for Knead seems to always make it out the door. You better get there early too! Once they... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Pretzel

Place: The Malted Barley Location: Providence, Rhode Island The Malted Barley is not perfect but its pretzels sure are. The first time we went to the Malted Barley I declared it my favorite restaurant. Returning, I can still say this is my favorite restaurant. The service here is slow for two reasons, one good and... Continue Reading →

DUCKin Donuts

Place: Duck Donuts Location: Green Brook Township, New Jersey (chain) Ducks are my favorite animal, doughnuts are one of my favorite desserts, put the two together and you have a dream team combo in my eyes. My expectations for this place were getting higher and higher the more I looked at their doughnuts. I was definitely... Continue Reading →

Brunch Squad

Place: Project Brunch Location: Staten Island, New York Project Brunch is somewhere that we frequent so we will need more than one entry to cover it. For this entry, let's stick to the sweeter side of brunch and cover some of their signature drinks and sweet treats. Before we dive in, there is something I... Continue Reading →

The Cellar Dweller

Place: Violette’s Cellar Location: Staten Island, New York Instagram can make you excited for restaurants, and that’s what happened here. The dessert pictures looked incredible! We knew we had to go. From start to finish this experience was well below average. We arrived on a Saturday night with no reservations. When asked if we had... Continue Reading →

For Sweet Crepes to Savor

Place: Whipped Creperie Location: Red Bank, New Jersey With our first entry, I thought it would only be right to start with a little place that means the world to my wife and I. It’s a special place for many reasons, the amazing crepes, the exquisite hot chocolate, and it also happens to be the... Continue Reading →

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