Snack Attack #35

Snack: Apple Pie Kit Kat As I have said before, Kit Kat's are one of my favorite candy bars. I'm not a fan of white chocolate which is the main component on this limited edition flavor. The white chocolate portion is a little on the mild side since it has flavoring mixed in to it... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #34

Snack: Brach's Caramel Apple Fall is on its way and that means the fall snacks are coming out. My go to was always Brach's pumpkins but this year I may have found a new favorite fall snack. Brach's caramel apples have the same texture as the pumpkins but a totally different flavor profile. When you... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack # 33

Snack: Milky Way Salted Caramel and Milky Way Fudge I'll start with the Milky Way Salted Caramel. Do you like Milky Ways? If yes then you will like this because I can not taste a difference between this one and a regular Milky Way. The only difference as far as I can see is the... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack # 32

Snack: Kit Kat Duos Dark Chocolate + MintKit Kats were always one of my favorite candy bars, so when I saw a new Kit Kat naturally I was excited. As soon as you open the package you immediately smell the mint. The look of the chocolate is not overly appealing. The top is a light green... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack # 31

Snack: Mickey Mouse Classic Vanilla and Fudge Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse? Who doesn't love vanilla ice cream? Put those two together and you have normal vanilla ice cream in Mickey Mouse packaging. There is really nothing different or special about this. Its good vanilla ice cream but that's really hard to screw up. The... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack # 30

Snack: Twix Cookies and Cream When we buy Halloween candy, I will usually try to pick out all the Twix to keep for my self. I love Twix. Cookies and cream sounded like a great combination for a Twix but it left me wanting a regular Twix. It tastes almost like a chocolate covered Oreo.... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack# 29

Snack: Peeps Jelly Beans The Peeps continue. Last Snack Attack we had Froot Loops flavored Peeps which we liked. Now we have Peeps jelly beans. I'm a fan of both Peeps and jelly beans so this was an easy sell for me. These were great jelly beans but there was not too much about them... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #28

Snack: Froot Loops Peeps Last Snack Attack we had another Froot Loops flavor that was a miss for me, but now we have another, Froot Loops flavored Peeps. I love Peeps, we have had a few Snack Attacks on them before, and spoiler alert, we have some more Peeps coming. This one comes four to... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack # 26

Snack: Pop Tarts Pretzel Anyone that follows our Instagram or reads the site, you know we are a sucker for pretzels. We will order them anytime they are on the menu. When we saw the commercial for these we made it our mission to find them. They come in two varieties, Chocolate and Cinnamon Sugar.... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #25

Snack: Llama Loops The Llama Loops box immediately caught my eye, it's bright and colorful, that's what originally made me pick it up. Then when I saw it was a llama, one of my favorite animals I knew I had to buy it. I had very low expectations. We live in a world where there... Continue Reading →

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