Quick Fire #16

Place: Steakhouse 71 Location: Disney’s Contemporary Resort We were a little biased when it came to Steakhouse 71. We were big fans of The Wave and Steakhouse 71 is what replaced The Wave. We tried it for the first time last year and we were not big fans. Last year we got it all to... Continue Reading →

Quick Fire #15

Place: Tortuga Tavern Location: Disney's Magic Kingdom The quest continues to find some places to eat in Magic Kingdom. We already discussed Sleepy Hallow and now we have Tortuga Tavern to discuss. Pirates of the Caribbean is a new obsession for one of us in the house. Should be easy to figure out which one... Continue Reading →

Quick Fire #14

Place: Sleepy Hallow Location: Disney’s Magic Kingdom Eating at Magic Kingdom can sometimes be difficult. We love Be Our Guest but reservations are hard to get and it is an expensive night. We are trying to find some quick service areas to eat and we found some that we really like, Starting with Sleepy Hallow.... Continue Reading →

Quick Fire #13

Place: Joffrey's Coffee Location: Disney World Resorts We have never really looked at Joffrey’s as more than just an easy and quick place to grab some coffee while in Disney. This is the wrong outlook, they are more than that.  We always just get coffee and move on but not this time. We decided to... Continue Reading →

Quick fire #12

Place: Shamgel’s Bagels Location: Ocean City, MD When your in a beach area, breakfast is not always a priority. Get your chair, your umbrella, and get your spot on the beach is what matters. You need something quick to get you on your way. Shmagel’s Bagels is both quick and tasty. To be honest nothing... Continue Reading →

Quickfire # 11

Place: The Wave Location: Inside Disney's Contemporary Resort in Disney World The Wave is somewhere we have gone the past couple of years for breakfast. They have a menu but we always go for the buffet. The buffet is always well stocked and very clean. Despite being a buffet and having heat lamps, the food... Continue Reading →

Quickfire # 10

Place: Old Hickory Steak House Location: Grapevine Texas Recently work had brought me to the great state of Texas. I knew I was going to need a Texas sized dinner. Asking people around where I was staying, Old Hickory came up a few times so I decided to check it out. I'm going to be... Continue Reading →

Quickfire #9

Place: Plaza Restaurant Location: Disney's Magic Kingdom Orlando Florida The plaza is a restaurant inside Disney's Magic Kingdom. We went for breakfast for a little Disney hack. Make your reservations early before the park opens and you can be in the park before the crowds. Take all your pictures before you deal with the mob... Continue Reading →

Quickfire #7

Place: Polish water Ice Location: Ocean City, Maryland Nothing says summer like the beach, boardwalk, and some ice cream. What goes good with some ice cream? Some creamy Polish water ice. While walking the boardwalk something cold will really help you beat the heat and there are many choices of a cold snack on the... Continue Reading →

Quickfire #5

Place: Mike's Pizza Location: Parlin, New Jersey Living in New York my whole and working in a pizzeria for over a decade, I know good pizza. Pizza is my favorite food and I can eat it every day, and I have eaten it for multiple days in a row for more times than any one... Continue Reading →

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