Game Review: 50 Cent Bulletproof

50 Cent Bulletproof is a game I remember fondly and replaying over and over. After playing it again now I’m not too sure why I couldn’t get enough of this game. Reviewed on PS2 Nothing about this game is above average but there is plenty about this game that is below average. The only thing... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Dead Space

With the remake coming out soon I felt it was finally time for me to check out the original Dead Space. Reviewed on Steam Deck I am both equally surprised and proud of myself for beating this game. I do not do well with scary games. When I played Resident Evil 7 I had to... Continue Reading →

Review: Steam Deck

For my birthday, my lovely wife reserved a Steam Deck for me. Months later it’s finally here and I have some thoughts. My first thought, this thing is huge. As you can see in the picture below it is larger than a launch Nintendo Switch. However, when you hold it, it doesn’t feel as large.... Continue Reading →

The Apple Arcade List: Survival Z

In my quest to continue to review all Apple Arcade games we come to Survival Z. Survival Z is an action game on Apple Arcade. Action games are a weak spot when it comes to Apple Arcade, especially shooters. Survival Z is a shooter but not really the kind of shooter I’m usually looking for.... Continue Reading →

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