Game Review: Grand Theft Auto V

There has been yet another release of Grand Theft Auto V and I have bought it again making this the fifth time I have bought the same game. I know I’m part of the problem. Reviewed on PlayStation 5 When I’m asked what my favorite game of all time is it’s often a hard question... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Sifu

From its announcement to its launch I could not wait for Sifu. Whenever you are excited about a game there is a bigger chance of disappointment. Was I disappointed? Nope. Reviewed on PlayStation 5 When Sifu was announced I was immediately taken back to my multiple play throughs of Sleeping Dogs. The way the combat... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront II

Happy Star Wars day! I recently have been wanting to play some Star Wars games and didn’t know where to start. I decided to replay the campaign in Battlefront 2. Reviewed on Xcloud This is a review of the single player campaign and the DLC campaign Resurrection. I played the multiplayer around the time this... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Bloodshore

Bloodshore is an interactive action movie and is available on most major platforms. Reviewed on iOS Movies and games have always had a close relationship and making a movie into a game is a lost art that I personally have not seen too much of anymore. Bloodshore as a plot had me intrigued immediately. The... Continue Reading →

Review: Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Siege was one of my biggest gaming surprises. It's typically not the type of game that I get into but I spent countless hours with it. Extraction had me excited from its initial announcement before it had its name change. This was a game that was definitely up my alley. Reviewed on Google... Continue Reading →

Game Review: A Fold Apart

A Fold Apart is a puzzle game that follows a couple on a journey through a tough time in their relationship. It is available on all major platforms. Reviewed on iPhone Story A Fold Apart is a rare game for me for a few reasons. First, it’s a puzzle game and has a story. Most... Continue Reading →

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