Mr. J’s Bagels and Deli

Place: Mr. J's Bagels and Deli Location: Harrisonburg Virginia Living in New York for most of my life I was spoiled by great bagels. I didn’t even know they was strictly a New York trait until I started to travel for work and had bagels in other parts of the country. I love bagels is... Continue Reading →

CrossKeys Vineyard

Did you ever go somewhere so beautiful that you just forgot where you were? That’s what happened to us when we went to CrossKeys Vineyard. As soon as you turn onto the property you forget where you are and are just in awe of the beautiful property.  I don’t know anything about wine and I... Continue Reading →

Vito’s Italian Kitchen

Place: Vito's Italian Kitchen Location: Harrisonburg Virginia If you know me, you know pizza is my favorite food. You also know that I am not a pizza snob. I love Dominos almost as much as I love pizza from a family-owned pizzeria but I can recognize what’s good and what is just serviceable. I have... Continue Reading →

Dry 85

Place: Dry 85 Location: Ocean City, Maryland Dry 85 is a great restaurant and one we have gone two a few times during our Ocean City trips. We love it but they just have a misunderstood menu and portions that are a little all over the place. If I ever sound negative that’s not what... Continue Reading →

Proper Good

*Meals provided by Proper Good Proper Good is another contender in the ready made meals delivered to your door. They sent us a couple soups that come packaged nice and are in an easy to heat up pouch. Instructions are clear and extremely fast and easy. We both have busy days during the week and... Continue Reading →

One Bite Frozen Pizza

Pizza is my favorite food, but that does not make me a pizza snob. I will eat any pizza and enjoy it. Whether it be a local pizza place, a chain pizzeria, homemade or even frozen pizza, I will enjoy every bite of it. With the Pandemic affecting our eating out habits, frozen pizza became... Continue Reading →

Big Dipper Edible Cookie Dough

Product was provided to us by Big Dipper Edible Cookie Dough, however the views in this review are 100% our own. Who has not broke all the rules and risked getting sick to eat raw cookie dough? I know that I have. Knowing the risk I still will do it every time. I guess I... Continue Reading →


Like many people I try to be health conscious but I like food too much, especially snacks. I have tried my fair share of health snacks and while some are good, they all ultimately do not satisfy my snacking urge. They just feel too healthy, which is not a knock against it but if you... Continue Reading →

More S’mores

Place: Toasted S’mores Co. Location: Staten Island, New York Who doesn’t love s’mores and hot chocolate? Walking into Toasted S’mores and Co I was overwhelmed seeing all the choices to create my own s’more. The friendly staff was knowledgeable and patient with me while we crafted my s’more together. There were countless combinations you can... Continue Reading →

1,576,800 Minutes Ago We Said I Do

This will be something a little different. There will be a small food review in here but it’s mostly a life review. Three years ago today my beautiful wife and I confessed our love before family and friends and our love has only continued to grow. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Personally... Continue Reading →

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