Book Review: The Guest List

Book: The Guest List Author: Lucy Foley Kristen’s review: I will admit it did take me a minute to get into this book. It felt slow for a while with not much happening....but it absolutely redeemed itself in the second half. The build up and reveals at the end were jawdropping at times. 4/5 Brian's... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Sifu

From its announcement to its launch I could not wait for Sifu. Whenever you are excited about a game there is a bigger chance of disappointment. Was I disappointed? Nope. Reviewed on PlayStation 5 When Sifu was announced I was immediately taken back to my multiple play throughs of Sleeping Dogs. The way the combat... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Hating Game

Book: The Hating Game Author: Sally Throne Kristen’s review: The Hating Game is a classic love/hate relationship. I thought it was really good but it did seem to drag on for a bit too long at times. I just kept wanting to know if Joshua and Lucy would end up together and which one would... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Summer Place

Book: The Summer Place Author: Jennifer Weiner The Summer Place was not your traditional book with a central main character, instead, it focused on more of an ensemble cast, the Levy-Weinberg family. All of the family members play an important role in the plot of the story, a story filled with twists and shocking moments.... Continue Reading →

Snack Attack #50

Snack: Peeps Tropical Burst Easter may be over but it is still Peep season in the Foodie Rooney household. Today we have possibly my new favorite flavor of Peeps, Tropical Burst. I love any kind of tropical fruit candy which made this one even more exciting for me. It actually didn't taste anything like I... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront II

Happy Star Wars day! I recently have been wanting to play some Star Wars games and didn’t know where to start. I decided to replay the campaign in Battlefront 2. Reviewed on Xcloud This is a review of the single player campaign and the DLC campaign Resurrection. I played the multiplayer around the time this... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Homewreckers

Book: The Home-Wreckers Author: Mary Kay Andrews The Homewreckers is a book that has it all. It has Romance, it has mystery, it has thrills, and even a great unexpected twist. The book follows Hattie, a house flipper restoring 100-year-old homes in Savannah Georgia. Hattie meets Mo who is a producer for a fictional television... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Wedding Season

Book: The Wedding Season Author: Katy Birchall I loved this book from start to finish! It was an excellent journey for the main character Freya. Freya’s fiancé calls off their wedding the day before, which of course is such a heart break for her. Luckily she has a support system of family and friends that... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Bloodshore

Bloodshore is an interactive action movie and is available on most major platforms. Reviewed on iOS Movies and games have always had a close relationship and making a movie into a game is a lost art that I personally have not seen too much of anymore. Bloodshore as a plot had me intrigued immediately. The... Continue Reading →

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