Review: None Without Sin

Book: None Without Sin

Author: Michael Bradley

Thank you NetGalley and CamCat Books for an audio copy in exchange for my honest review. 

None Without Sin follows the most unlikely team I can think of trying to solve a mystery and catch a killer. Brian, an investigative journalist, and Candace, a reverend. They both shine bright in this story. 

I would never think to put a journalist and a reverend together in a murder mystery but with the way that Bradley wrote both characters it just worked perfectly. Brian has a haunted past and Candice is a reverend who lost faith. Getting to know them and their backstories was always interesting. 

The descriptions and details in all of the crime scenes were so vivid that I felt I was right there with them. It was written with such haunting detail that some of it made me wince, that’s how clearly it was pictured. 

I feel confident that I can usually figure out the killer in most books like this. I was wrong in this book and I love when I’m wrong. 

I definitely recommend this unlikely partnership to any mystery fan. 

Final score 5/5

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