Book Review: Famous For A Living

Book: Famous for a Living

Author: Melissa Ferguson

Thank you NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for an advanced audio copy.

Famous for a Living is an enjoyable rom-com with great characters, good writing, and a story that doesn’t take any chances. I liked the story but it was very predictable. If it wasn’t for all of the characters being so likable I might have rated this a little lower. Author Melissa Ferguson knows how to craft a character and develop them into someone you wanna hang out with.

Cat is an influencer who falls from the internet’s grace after a financial scandal. She goes to stay with her uncle in Montana. This is where she gets to know Zaiah. Zaiah has a flip phone and doesn’t like any form of social media. The exact opposite of Cat.

The main characters Cat and Zaiah are really perfect. Cat is just the right amount of annoying and Zaiah is very charming. I felt I would not like Cat, but she is written so well that I liked her.

If you want a well-written and fun rom-com then look no further than Famous for a Living, just don’t expect too many surprises.

Final Score 4/5

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