Book Review: Don’t You Dare

Book: Don’t You Dare

Author: Jessica Hamilton

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.

Don’t You Dare is a fun mystery that will keep you guessing until the end. Hannah, Scarlett, and Thomas were friends from college who played what they called the daring game.

Years later Thomas and Hannah get back in touch and start to play the game again. Things get crazy and I was shocked by where everything went.

I loved getting little revelations throughout the story that bridged the college years to the present day. Finding out what made them stop playing the game and then finding out what really happened was thrilling.

Parts in the middle did annoy me and get a little boring. Hannah is having an affair with Thomas and a lot of the middle was around that, but it was setting up the rest of the story.

This was a fun, quick, and interesting mystery. Don’t You Dare is definitely one I recommend.

Final score 4/5

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