Book Review: The New Bad Thing

Book: The New Bad Thing

Author: Michael Ebner

Thank you NetGalley and Pen and Picture for an advanced audio copy.

The New Bad Thing is a story that just failed to grab me. From the summary of the book I expected a story about a journalist who is going to be a badass. While we did get that from our main character Teagan, there was not enough.

The first part of the book shows how desperately Teagan wants a family and goes into a lot of detail about her past and her mission of having a baby. While most of this was well written it was not what I expected.

Teagan wants to make a difference and she starts an organization to free women who are captured by a terrorist group, this is when we get a glimpse of the badass journalist but I just didn’t find it captivating.

Teagan woke up in a hotel under a terrorist attack in Paris and I found myself getting bored. I can’t explain what it was exactly but something in the back half of this story just pushed me away. This is when the action I wanted was starting and I had already lost interest.

I wanted more from this book. I want the badass journalist story. I think this is a book I will revisit down the road and try again with a different mindset but for now, I find it hard to recommend.

Final score 2/5

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