Book Review: The Guncle

Book: The Guncle

Author: Steven Rowley

Patrick is an actor that was on a hit tv show many years ago. He was asked to care for his niece and nephew over the summer after the loss of their mother. Their mother was a great friend to Patrick so her loss was hard on everyone.

There were some really cute moments with the kids. Patrick did a great job caring for them. He tried to do anything that may make them smile like putting up a Christmas tree during the summertime.

The story touches on some very serious topics like grief and loss. It does have some slow moments where not too much was going on but overall I enjoyed the story. I loved the bond that Patrick formed with the children.

I did not like Patrick’s sister. I understand she was going through some personal matters, but wow what she did was not okay.

My favorite part was the Guncle rules Patrick would give the kids. I wish they had a full list at the end of the book.

Final Score 4/5

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