Book Review: Doctorshipped

Book: Doctorshipped

Author: Savannah Scott

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.

This book sealed the deal for me, the Getting Shipped series and the town of Bordeaux are my favorite small town and my favorite rom-com series. Im not sure if this is my favorite in the series but it’s very close between this one and Townshipped. The main reason I loved this book so much was because of the main character, Jamie.

Jamie has been with us since the beginning but she really had her moment to shine in the last book. Since the last book was about Shannon and Jamie is Shannon’s roommate we got to know her really well. I was so happy when I found out this entry would be about Jamie.

Jamie is such a strong character and in my opinion, is the most developed character in the series. She is a loyal friend, a successful author, and just a wonderful person. In the last book she tutored Duke and helped him prepare for a test, in this book we get to see a different side of Jamie and see just how smart she is. Her love interest, Grant, has a young daughter, Fiona, who has dyslexia. Jamie tutors her and shows her so many good learning methods to get her excellent ways of doing things even with dyslexia. For example, using a highlighter during measurements in baking instead of reading the letters.

Of the men in the Getting Shipped series Grant may be my least favorite. A good portion of why I didn’t like him was explained away by the end of the story but the damage was done. I still like him but when you have other characters like Duke, Aiden, Rob, and Trevor before you, you have big shoes to fill.

I love this series so much and I can not wait for the next entry.

Final Score 5/5

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