Book Review: Yours Truly

Book: Yours Truly

Author: Abby Jimenez

This is my favorite book of 2023 so far!

Yours Truly is the second book in the Part of Your World series. It tells the story of Briana and Jacob.

Briana has had a really tough past, especially with men. So she has a really hard time trusting anyone.

Jacob is a newbie at the hospital where Briana Works. He is a very relatable character. He deals with a lot of anxiety especially social anxiety. The way Briana handles it throughout the story made me so happy. The way she understood what he needed at the right moment was absolutely amazing.

They both had such strong feelings for one another and didn’t realize it. It had me very tense because I just wish they knew. The ending was absolutely perfect and I did tear up at the end.

I also loved watching Benny’s journey. To see his life get better and better after the kidney surgery was great to see.

I absolutely love Abby Jimenez’s writing. She draws you in immediately and you will not want to put this down. Jacob has become one of my favorite characters I have ever read.

Such a great story!

Final Score: 5/5

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