Book Review: The Rescue

Book: The Rescue

Author: T. Jefferson Parker

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for an advanced audio copy.

The Rescue is a book that I really liked but it also really annoyed me. The reason it annoyed me is that this was a good book that I wanted to be great, and it could have been.

I tried to explain this story and it sounded extremely confusing. It’s definitely a little more complicated than I expected but I was never confused while going through the book. Bettina is a reporter who rescued a dog she named Felix. The dog has a crazy past that brings a Mexican drug cartel banging on Bettina’s door.

What this book captured so well is a human’s love for a dog. As soon as a dog enters your house you fall in love. It doesn’t matter if you had the dog for a minute, a year, or a decade. The love is instant. That part of the story is beautiful.

The aspect of this book that kept it from being great was the characters. They all were very predictable and lacked depth. I wanted so much more from them, especially Bettina. Most of the time I did not really find Bettina likable, outside of being a dog lover.

Some chapters of this book are written from the dog’s perspective. Those chapters are absolutely brilliant and expertly written. They make the book worth it.

I recommended this book to any dog lover out there.

Final score 4/5

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