Review: Uncharted The Lost Legacy

My Uncharted Journey had reached an end with my completion of the lost legacy.

Reviewed on PlayStation 5

I don’t remember feeling this way the last time I finished this game, but the Lost Legacy is my favorite Uncharted. Even after saying that I still can’t believe it. Everything in this game feels like an improvement.

The setting was the only letdown for me. The game started out running through a city going in and it of buildings. It felt different and fantastic. After this short introduction, it’s right back to another jungle making it look just like the other games.

Even though it looks just like every other Uncharted after you go to a jungle the story is different. It’s the most human and down to earth story. Chloe makes her return and so does Nadine from Uncharted 4. They are an unlikely pair who at the start don’t trust each other and by the end, they are basically sisters. It was such a fun emotional ride.

Watching Chloe and Nadine grow through the story is why I say this is the most human story Uncharted has done. It’s the little things like Chloe stopping to take a picture with her phone of a beautiful landscape.

From a gameplay perspective, this is Uncharted 4. There really is no difference at all. Chloe fights and shoots just like Nate. She also has Nate’s luck when it comes to climbing, she often grabs the ledge that breaks sending her falling to grab somewhere else.

I have already said how great the combat felt in Uncharted 4 and there is really no change. The shooting is still the weakest point with heavy recoil on the weapons but it’s still fun. The hand to hand combat and stealth were my favorite ways to play the game.

If you are someone who never played an Uncharted game before I think this is the game to play. It’s a standalone short story that is absolutely worth your time.


Uncharted The Lost Legacy is my favorite Uncharted game. The story is the shortest in the series but it’s also in my opinion the best story they have told. The gameplay is still fun and effective. Don’t let this being a spin-off stop you from playing. This game needs to be played.

Final Score 9.5/10

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