Book Review: One True Loves

Book: One True Loves

Author: Taylor Jenkens Reid

Emma marries her high school sweetheart, Jesse, and moves to California. They both love traveling the world. It was their one-year wedding anniversary when Jesse had the opportunity to go to Alaska. He took that opportunity and it would suddenly change their lives forever.

Jesses helicopter crashes and he and the crewmates are believed to be dead. Emma was numb. Her family came to her aid immediately. She realized it was time to go back home to Massachusetts to be closer to family.

It took years for her to realize she will need to move on. She starts working a the family bookstore when she realizes she actually loves the job. The bookstore was something she always tried to escape but now loves.

One day she runs into Sam. Another boy from high school. One thing leads to another and they get engaged. One night Emma gets a phone call from Jesse telling her he is still alive.

Her world spins. I don’t know how anyone could have handled this crazy situation but Emma handled it with grace while still checking in on herself and what feels best for her. She knew she would hurt someone in the end by choosing Sam or Jesse. I love that her family was there for her and helped her along through this impossible situation.

It is so beautifully written and will tug at your heartstrings along the way.

One True Loves has been turned into a movie and is now out today!

Final Score 5/5

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