Quick Fire #15

Place: Tortuga Tavern

Location: Disney’s Magic Kingdom

The quest continues to find some places to eat in Magic Kingdom. We already discussed Sleepy Hallow and now we have Tortuga Tavern to discuss.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a new obsession for one of us in the house. Should be easy to figure out which one of us that is. On this trip we made sure to go on the Pirate’s ride and eat at Tortuga. If we are being honest we didn’t expect to like Tortuga but we both did.

The first item we tried was the pulled pork sandwich. It’s easy to screw up pulled pork so I was hesitant but this was great. The sauce was thick enough to not make it runny and messy and then the slaw on top was the perfect compliment.

We then got the barbeque slaw dog. This was my favorite. One of my favorite foods are hotdogs, so it already scored some points in my book. The hotdog then has both components of the pulled pork sandwich on top of the hot dog. I never knew I wanted or needed pulled pork and slaw on a hotdog but I do.

Tortuga is an excellent quick service in Magic Kingdom for some fast quick food. To find some more food places be sure to check out our Instagram

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