Book Review: You Know Her

Book: You Know Her

Author: Meagan Jennett

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan audio for an advanced audio copy.

This is a review of the audio copy of You Know Her.

Going into this I was expecting to love this book. I love thrillers and this sounded like something I was going to get sucked right in. Not only did I not get sucked into it, but I also had a hard time focusing at many points of the book.

A lot of my problems come from the narration. There are two narrators and both were not good in my opinion. The narrator for Nora was very difficult for me to listen to which completely ruined the character for me.

Nora is one of two main characters, the other being Sophie. Sophie I felt was well-written. She is a murderer so we go into the rambling mind of a killer.

There are a lot of heavy topics here and most of them are repeated multiple times. The book was very repetitive and could have easily been a lot shorter and to the point.

I never write off an author based on one book so I will love to check out this author again but You Know Her was definitely a miss for me.

Final score 2/5

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