Book Review: Blind Spots

Book: Blind Spots

Author: Thomas Mullen

Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for an advanced audio copy.

Blind Spots is a crime novel with an interesting plot that failed to fully grab me. The story follows detective Mark Owens in a world where everyone has gone blind. There is technology present to help people see but that’s what fails detective Owens. He witnesses a murder but he can not see who did it. No one believes him and detective Owens has to solve the murders and prove to everyone he was right.

The story really reminded by of the movie I Robot. In the movie, everyone trusted the robots so it was laughable to think they can commit a crime. In Blind Spots, everyone believed in the technology that allowed them to see so the idea of our vision being hacked was not believable to anyone.

Blind Spots had a lot of great ideas but I struggled to get fully invested. There was nothing that was bad or offensive, it just didn’t hook me. The investigation process was also not the most interesting. I liked detective Owens as a character but during the investigations, I found him a little bland.

I like this premise and would be interested to go back to this world if this were to be expanded.

Final Score 3/5

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