Book Review: The Dark Hour

Book: The Dark Hour

Author: K.J. Young

Thank you NetGalley and Nightsky Press for an advanced audio copy.

There have not been many horror books that make me feel uneasy as I am reading them. This usually means for me, most horror books seem a little bland and boring. This was not the case with The Dark Hour, I felt uneasy for most of this book in the best way possible.

The story follows Mark Norman who takes a job as a health aide for two elderly siblings, Roy and Alma. Mark had a fantasy that since Roy and Alma have no family he will inherit all of their estate.

There is a woman, Lisa, who also works for Roy and Alma but she senses that something is not right and she wants out. Mark just wants to stick it out and inherit their fortune.

The writing in this book was fantastic. The imagery was so clear that I felt like this was a movie. I saw every character and every scene so vividly. At times I didn’t know where the story was going to take us but I was never bored, I was always engaged, even when I was questioning the plot.

The conclusion is absolutely epic. It’s exactly what I wanted but not what I expected. I really appreciate that K.J. Young went for this ending.

This book is perfect for horror fans.

Final score 5/5

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