Trattoria al Forno

Place: Trattoria al Forno

Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

I feel like I find myself saying this a lot these days. After trying Trattoria al Forno this is somewhere I want to try to go every trip to Disney. The food was excellent and the service was fantastic. 

If you know me then you know my favorite food is pizza. I have had breakfast pizza before and it was always nothing special. We ordered the sunrise breakfast pizza and now this is the breakfast pizza that everything will be measured against. This was so good. It was the best parts of breakfast on the best food. The texture of the dough was crunchy and all the elements on top were cooked well.

For our meals we got one sweet and one savory. For the sweet we got tiramisu style French toast. I’m always worried that some items will be too sweet. That was not the case here, this was the perfect amount of sweet. Cinnamon brioche, mascarpone cream, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar and cocoa powder made this a great way to start our day.

The savory item we ordered, I’ll admit I was a little nervous about but it had the restaurant name in the dish name and I am a sucker for that. We got the Al Forno eggs. This was a couple eggs that were sitting in spiced tomato sauce and cooked in a brick oven. Never once have I ever thought to have eggs in tomato sauce. This was a pleasant surprise and something I will definitely try to make at home.

Trattoria al Forno is on our shortlist for breakfast places when we visit Disney. For more places to see make sure you check out our Instagram.

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