Quick Fire #14

Place: Sleepy Hallow

Location: Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Eating at Magic Kingdom can sometimes be difficult. We love Be Our Guest but reservations are hard to get and it is an expensive night. We are trying to find some quick service areas to eat and we found some that we really like, Starting with Sleepy Hallow.

Remember to make use of your mobile ordering with all of these quick service restaurants. 

The first thing we ordered was the sweet and spicy chicken and waffles sandwich. The waffle was soft and sweet. On its own, it would be a great sweet breakfast waffle. I’m usually a fan of making waffles more on the savory side if they will be used in this fashion but the waffle being sweet really works since the chicken is spicy. The sweetness of the waffle does a great job of balancing the spice from the chicken making for a really good bite. 

We also got the hand dipped corn dog. It’s a corn dog, nothing less nothing more. The best part of the corn dog was the house made chips that come with it. They are crunchy kettle cooked chips that tasted extremely fresh. 

It’s easy to just walk right past Sleepy Hallow but try your best not to. The chicken and waffles sandwich is something I will try to get at least once every visit.

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