Game Review: Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 got a remaster for PS5 and because I just love punishment I wouldn’t let myself replay this masterpiece until I beat the first three all over again. With those down, I was excited to jump back into Uncharted 4.

Reviewed on PlayStation 5

Starting from the original game, every game progressed and had much better movement and controls. That continued with Uncharted 4. The movement, the climbing, and the shooting are the best it’s ever been.

All of Nate’s movements feel fast and fluid. Running and jumping around the huge environments felt great. Sprinkle in some climbing and combat and you had a game I just couldn’t put down. The climbing in Uncharted 3 felt virtually perfect but in 4, yet again I will say this, it somehow feels better. Going up cliffs and walls just felt natural.

The shooting has always been the weakest part of the series for me and that remains the same in 4 although there are a lot of improvements. The horrible weapon sway is still gone but in Uncharted 4 all the guns have a lot of recoil making some long gun fights start to feel a little bit like a chore. For me, the implementation of the Dualsense actually made this worse. The extra rumble and the harder squeeze on the trigger made the shooting feel even more difficult than it needed to be. In big encounters, if I was playing with the haptics turned on I always felt a little hamstrung by the controller. The game wasn’t designed for haptics, it was just shoehorned in and it felt like it.

Breaking up the shooting with some hand-to-hand combat added to my enjoyment. I loved the fighting in Uncharted 3 and in 4 I love it even more. I found myself throwing punches before shooting a gun every chance I could.

At the start of the game, it’s been a few years since Nate has been on an adventure and the narrative behind this was excellent. All the backstory you get on Nate’s past also did a great job at making you care even more about a character we already love.

The story and writing are the best it’s been in the series. Reuniting with your brother and going on a treasure hunt was an excellent story to close Nate’s journey. Everything comes together perfectly and if this is truly a “thief’s end” then Nate went out on a high note.


Uncharted 4 is the best in the series from every aspect. It’s an excellent way to close the story of Nathan Drake. Great movement, excellent climbing, fun fighting, and mediocre shooting make this an adventure every PlayStation gamer needs to go on.

Final score 9.5/10

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