Chef de France

Place: Chefs de France

Location: France Pavilion in Disney’s EPCOT

For our five-year wedding anniversary Chefs de France is where we chose to celebrate and have dinner. We are in agreement that this is our favorite restaurant we have eaten at in Disney, and maybe just in general.

To start out your meal they bring you a small freshly baked baguette. For something as simple as bread, this was absolutely amazing. It was so warm and fresh that we could have easily just had a bunch of these for our meal.

For an appetizer we ordered French onion soup. I love French onion soup but it’s a gamble to order it. In most places where I order it, it is just overpoweringly salty. This soup was great. The broth was not salty, the onions were not too thick and the bread was perfect. It’s really hard to find French onion soup like this anywhere.

For our entrees, ill start with the one that made me laugh. We ordered ratatouille and that came with a disclaimer that it won’t look like the movie version. People really are the worst in that they think it needs to look like the movie version. This was some of the best ratatouille I have had and it pains me to think people complain about it because it doesn’t look like a dish in a cartoon.

The other item we ordered was braised beef. You did not need a knife for this beef, you didn’t even need to chew it. It just fell apart and was absolutely delicious. This beef rivals any other beef we had at any restaurant. I love when I can say things are this good. It makes me happy when we continue to find meals that make us smile.

You can’t end a French meal without a creme brûlée. I don’t think I ever had a bad creme brûlée and that trend continues. There is a satisfying crunch and then it’s extremely sweet and delicious. A great way to end our meal.

It’s hard to top this place now that it’s our favorite restaurant. If you need to see other good places be sure to head over to our Instagram.

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