Review: The Devil You Know

Book: The Devil You Know

Author: P.J. Tracy

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape media for an advanced audio copy.

The Devil You Know was one of those books that sounded like something I will love but unfortunately, I just struggle to get fully invested in it. The story takes place in LA and there is an event that leads to a murder which leads to more murders.

The story really reminds you just how entitled some people are and it depicts this aspect very well. There were plenty of unlikeable characters that were unlikeable by design and I enjoyed those characters.

The main characters I just did not know enough about to like and some of that is my fault. This is the third installment in the Margaret Nolan series. It does work as a standalone but I was definitely missing out on some relationships and important character development to really like the main characters.

There were also a lot of supporting characters in this story, too many where it was a little hard to follow who was who.

As for the investigation, it was extremely straightforward and predictable with the exception of the epilogue. The epilogue was the strongest story point of this book and that alone brought it up a point in my review.

The writing in this book was good and I’m sure it would have seemed even better if I had knowledge of the series. I do not recommend this book as a starting point but I do recommend starting at the beginning and giving this series a try,

Final Score 3/5

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