Book Review: What Lies in the Woods

Book: What Lies in the Woods

Author: Kate Alice Marshall

Wow! That’s my first thought after finishing this book. This is one of my new favorite books of all time. It was absolutely incredible. This book was so good that I had to take a break from my next book because I kept zoning out thinking about What Lies in the Woods. It’s a story that will stay with you and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

The story follows three women who when they were just 11 years old played a pivotal role in getting a serial killer sent to jail. The main character Naomi was the victim when she was 11. She was stabbed 17 times and miraculously survived. It was her testimony that put the killer away. The only problem was she never really saw who attacked her. She has lived her whole life wondering if she put the wrong man behind bars. This book follows Naomi on her quest to find out what really happened to her all those years ago.

I won’t give any spoilers but there is something in this book that I saw coming from a mile away. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be the big twist because it was so obvious. Well, I was right but it was not the big twist or the only twist. You will probably see twist number one coming but good luck seeing two, three, and four coming! This had me audibly saying things out loud while it was happening.

The writing is so well done. Every character comes right out of the story and is so easy to picture. You take that and then pair it with excellent narration by Karissa Vacker and you have a winning combo that will be on your shortlist for your favorite book this year.

Read or listen to this book and I bet you will keep thinking about it long after the last words are read.

Final score 5/5

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