Book Review: Sweeter Than Chocolate

Book: Sweeter Than Chocolate

Author: Lizzie Shane

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy. 

Sweeter Than Chocolate was such a sweet rom-com. Lucy Sweet runs a chocolate shop called How Sweet it is. It’s a family-owned shop that has been in Lucy’s family for generations. The shop sells a special chocolate called Cupid Chocolates. The legend is that anyone who eats a Cupid on Valentine’s Day will meet their soulmate. 

The legend of the chocolates gets on the internet and goes viral. Dean is a news reporter who is very skeptical of the chocolates. Dean begins a segment for the local news broadcast on the chocolates and he and Lucy speak with happy couples to get their story about the chocolates. 

Dean and Lucy were such great characters. I loved listening to them argue about the chocolates after every interview. Watching Dean and Lucy’s relationship grow was terrific and perfectly written. They start out with Lucy being skeptical of Dean’s intentions and then they grow from there. The ending of this book brought a tear to my eye and I’m not ashamed to say it. 

One quick thing I want to mention. Dean’s sister Georgie works at How Sweet it is to take a break and clear her head from school. Her major is Biomedical Engineering. As a Biomedical Engineer, I couldn’t contain my excitement when she said that was her major. For that reason, Georgie would have been my favorite character, but with Dean and Lucy being written so perfectly, it was impossible not to have them as my favorites. 

I pre-ordered a copy of this book to give to my wife on Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect gift for the holiday! 

Final Score 5/5

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