Villains Lair

Place: Top of the World Lounge – A Villains Lair

Location: Bay Lake Tower at Walt Disney World

Even after going to Villians Lair, we are still very confused about how it works. Villains Lair is in Bay Lake Tower and is only available to DVC members. We made a reservation but were also told we could come back without a reservation, leading to some confusion that is easily rectified by asking a simple question. However we are antisocial so we didn’t ask and left confused, but we got to eat and drink!

The pricing is another part that’s a little confusing but this got explained by our excellent server. We paid a fixed price when we made our reservation. It got us one drink, one small plate, and one dessert. Villains Lair is not your typical menu. They have small plates only. 

The first thing we had to have was the giant pretzel. It’s hard to screw up a pretzel. Villains Lair did not screw up the pretzel. It had a good amount of salt. Had a crunchy exterior and a soft fluffy inside. It was finished off with a good mustard seed dipping sauce. 

The Next food item we had were the pork belly sliders. You get three small sliders and we loved them so much that we almost ordered three more. The pork belly is covered in a thick and tasty barbecue sauce that will leave you wanting more after every bite. 

The drinks were absolutely incredible. We are both not big drinkers and we don’t claim to know anything about alcoholic beverages. All we will say is they tasted great and were not overly strong. We both got a second one we loved them so much. We got the Underworld and the Cursed Pirate. 

Rounding off this wonderful evening was dessert. There was only one option and it is called the “Seven-Lair Cake” It’s a seven-layer cake that has layers of chocolate, vanilla, yellowcake, and hazelnut. It was very rich and not really possible for us to eat the whole thing but it was very good. Even though it was so rich it was still not overly sweet. We found ourselves craving this later in our trip and we thought about going back for it. We will definitely try to make this a regular place for us on our trips down to Disney World.

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