Book Review: All the Dark Places

Book: All the Dark Places

Author: Terri Parlato

Thank you NetGalley and RB Media for an advanced audio copy.

All the Dark Places is an example of how to make a great mystery novel through an even better investigation. The story is told from two perspectives, Molly and Rita. Molly is a tragic story. She has a dark past that gets fully explored during the course of the book. The story begins with her husband Jay getting murdered. Tragedy just seems to follow Molly. Rita is the main detective investigating Jay’s murder. Rita is a veteran cop and was really such a likable character.

I enjoyed every part of this book. My favorite part had to be learning more about Molly’s past and how that affects her present. No one is supposed to know about Molly’s past, but somehow it got out. Part of the investigation was finding out how people knew about Molly’s past.

Once everything came together I really liked where the story went. This was not one that I figured out completely but I did get part of it correct, that counts for something right? This book is for any mystery fan or anyone who likes a good investigation. I can’t recommend this one enough.

Final Score 5/5

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