Place: Annie’s

Location: Newport Rhode Island

It was the Christmas decor that caught our eye from Annies Instagram. Hundreds of Christmas ornaments hung from the ceiling. It looked so beautiful we knew we had to see it with our own eyes. Honestly, it was almost breathtaking to see when we first walked in but the dining experience was just too claustrophobic to enjoy the atmosphere.

As for the food, as a whole, it was slightly above average. The service was unfortunately a little below average, but I don’t think it’s fully on the servers. The servers and staff were all extremely friendly. What made the service poor was this was the longest we ever waited for breakfast food…. ever. It was close to 30 minutes from ordering to getting our food. That’s not terrible for dinner service but for breakfast that’s definitely on the long side. Then when we got our food some items were missing. The reason I say it’s not fully on the servers is that it’s a small place and it is packed. They are doing a lot at once and they still remain super friendly.

The first food item we ordered is one of my all-time favorites, corned beef hash with eggs. I order this at so many places and so many places it’s just ok. Every now and again you go somewhere and it’s just phenomenal. Unfortunately, at Annie’s they fall in the just ok category. The eggs were cooked how I ordered and seasoned well, and the potatoes were also cooked well but the corned beef left me wanting so much more. It was just fatty and had no texture to it at all.

The next item was the pancakes and the pancakes were some of the best pancakes we have had at a restaurant. They were so good that we didn’t even need syrup on them. They had melted butter and a dusting of powdered sugar. The pancakes were cooked perfectly. They had a slight crunch to the exterior and were light and fluffy inside. They were delicious.

The decor for the holidays was not enough to make us say this is a must visit but it was close. If you do go make sure to try the pancakes, you won’t regret that choice.

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of Christmas ornaments. Maybe a few too many for my tastes. We visited Newport, RI over the summer on our New England states trip but I’ve never heard of Annie’s. The pancakes do look good though.


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