Retro Game Review: Kill Switch

Kill Switch is a game I remember fondly. I have mentioned this game in my review of the original Gears of War. This was my Gears of War game since I was in a PlayStation house. If you would have asked me what was better I would have told you Kill Switch. After returning to Kill Switch, I’m wrong. Gears is better.

Reviewed on PlayStation 2

Kill Switch came out in 2003, three years before Gears of War. Cover mechanics were still a new idea and Kill Switch was my introduction to them.

I remember playing this game over and over and beating it multiple times. I now know why, it’s only about 3 hours to beat it. The levels are the same every time and no unlockables to go after so there really is no incentive to replay it, but I did, over and over.

By today’s standards the cover mechanics do hold up and the actions feel similar to what is in modern games. Obviously, since this is a PS2 game the graphics do not hold up so at a quick glance the cover mechanics look off but after you use it you will see it worked just as well then as it does now.

The story was just as confusing to me as an adult as it was when I was younger. Your character has some kind of memory block and you are learning a little more each time you finish a level until you get to the conclusion. The story is not why you are playing this. You are playing this for the fun shooting mechanics.

The game is so short and not all that replayable but when I was younger I just kept playing this one. As an adult, once was enough.

2003 Brian would say this is an absolute 10/10. I would tell you how this is the best shooter on the best console and all that other fanboy crap.

2022 Brian can see how this helped inspired the third-person shooting genre but ultimately it’s not as great as I remember. Great cover mechanics and good gunplay are enough to make it a good game but a confusing short story and no replayability bring it down a bit.

Final score 6/10

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