Snack Attack #54

Snack: Hot Cocoa Lunch Box Tart

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studious

When it comes to food we always try to keep things positive. We purposely do not post that many negative reviews for items we purchase with our own money. We are always honest when with our negative reviews when we are given a product. We try to stay true to ourselves and positive. Why am I saying this? I’m saying this because normally I would not post about this snack, but I’m going to use this platform to say screw you Hollywood Studios.

Woody’s Lunchbox is a quick service restaurant we have written about before and we do like it. This year when we went to the park it was absolutely packed and it was just chaos. We mobile ordered from Woody’s Lunchbox but the entrance to the restaurant was gated and you couldn’t just walk in. It was a mob of rude people just blocking the way. When you can finally get to a cast member through the madness they were all super nice and helpful as they always are. I felt like getting to Woody’s Lunchbox through the crowd and then figuring out how to get in was the equivalent of our Everest. Then our reward was this snack. Not worth the hassle.

It looks good and honestly tasted good too. It just wasn’t good enough to make me want to be confused and fight crowds for. Then once we got it, we still had to battle the crowds and try to find somewhere to eat it, another hassle. If you think you would like this just go to the store ad buy a chocolate Pop-Tart. Is this better than a store bought one? Absolutely. Is it worth what we had to go through to get it? Not in a million years.

Just for further clarification. We went to the park on a random Wednesday, this was not a weekend or a holiday. The whole park was like this not just in the Toy Story area. We deal with crowds all the time at Disney but this was on a whole new level and only experienced this at Hollywood Studious.

Well to bring it back to positivity, check out our Instagram to see all the snacks you don’t want to miss.

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