Book Review: Lovelight Farms

Book: Lovelight Farms

Author: B.K. Borison

Kicking off the holiday season with Lovelight Farms was perfect! I had such a great time “buddy” reading this with some lovely ladies.

Lovelight Farms is the story of Stella Bloom who owns a Christmas tree farm that is struggling financially. Aside from that, some weird things have been happening on the farm from missing shipments to a section of dead trees.

To help save the Christmas tree farm, Stella enters a contest from an influencer to win $100,000 cash prize. The influencer is now planning on coming to the farm which puts Stella in a predicament. She lied on the application saying she owns the farm with her boyfriend, she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Stella asks her best friend Luka to be her fake boyfriend. You find out during the story that they both have had some hidden feelings for one another. Seeing Stella and Luka go from friends to lovers was a great rollercoaster ride. You will be rooting for them the entire time.

This story will make you want to both visit and own a Christmas tree farm. Stella’s cottage sounds adorable and Layla’s desserts sound amazing. This is the perfect book for the holiday season.

I now have to read every book in the series!

Final Score 5/5

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