Book Review: To Get to the Other Side

Book: To Get To The Other Side

Author: Kelly Ohlert

Thank you NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for an advanced audio copy.

To Get to the Other Side was such a cute story with two great main characters and a lovable chicken. 

Trixie rescues a chicken but then gets thrown out of her apartment for breaking the no pets rule…again. Needing a place to stay she ends up moving in with Bear. The two have chemistry from the beginning and are both attracted to each other but they fight those feelings to not disrupt their living situation. As soon as you see the chemistry these two have you will be screaming for them to get together.

They both are such likable characters but Trixie is definitely the standout character. She always has a good time, always smiling, and loves substituting curse words with food. Trixie will have you smiling with her the whole book.

Both of these characters have so much growing to do from an emotional standpoint. As the story progresses they both are trying to grow by themselves and when they finally realize they want each other, and they see they can help each other, it’s truly a great moment.

Their chicken, Chick Chick is such a fun way to advance the story. It’s the chicken that brought them together and it’s caring for the chicken that keeps them together. I loved every moment of it.

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